Focused on Whole Child Enrichment

“We had come over from another center due to the lack of structure and
teaching. The first thing I noticed when our kids started was that everyone sat together for meals in a calm fashion (about as calm as you can get with toddlers!) and played nicely together. This was a big change from the center we had come from! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and the kid’s day is structured with learning and different play activities. Our kids have thrived and are better behaved since they’ve been enrolled at Inspire! I would recommend them to anyone!
Thank you Inspire!”
Matt & Shannon S.- son and daughters, ages 4 & 7

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Our focus is on Whole Child Enrichment

Many childcare centers in the area offer varying degrees of care and babysitting. We do not babysit. At Inspire!, our greatest difference is our focus on each child’s education in a fun and interactive way with highly experienced teachers who have an average of 13 years of tenure in child care centers and education. Each program; Infant, Toddler, PreSchool, PreK, Kindergarten Enhancement, School-Age address 9 Key Development Areas and offer individual learning paths for each child.



  • Thriving on exploration and gravitating towards areas of interest and feelings of success.
  • Creating a sense of familiarity and security amidst fresh and stimulating activities.
  • Blending opportunities to repeat and practice to experience novel learning events.


The first 4 years of life are the most formative years and we believe that our programs engage in 9 Key Development Areas:

  • A multi-sensory and challenging approach promotes learning.
  • Child-centered curriculum
  • Your child’s interest and curiosity is used as the bridge to learning.


Learning is fun and natural with positive peer interaction that develops:

  • Self-expression
  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Decision making
  • Imagination
  • Self-esteem
  • Physical Activity
  • Arts
  • Songs
  • Games

What our parents are saying…


It was very difficult to put my son in full-time daycare. I’m a single mom
who has to have her son in “school” all day, Monday through Friday. Inspire!
has helped him to adjust to everyday life. They have helped him to deal with
new situations, taught him the days of the week, numbers, letters, sharing, manners and behavior management. They even taught him responsibility and pet care. I could not have chosen a better daycare to both teach and care for my child in my absence. Edith K- son, age 4

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